20 years ago this neighborhood consisted of three large cattle ranches. Today it’s one of the Reno area’s most sought after locations. The three primary developments (Double Diamond Ranch, Damonte Ranch & Curti Ranch) are all named for their predecessors. I find this quaint but ironic as each of them feature horses predominantly in their logos/advertising and wild mustangs often roam the common areas. Meanwhile homeowners are expressly prohibited from actually owning horses. The strict design standards and strong homeowner associations help to maintain a very good, somewhat homogeneous appeal. The South Meadows area is home to the newest, most state of the art middle and high school in Reno and Sparks. This area continues to offer new construction, and with good freeway access, it’s often very attractive to young professionals facing a daily commute. Local tip: As with all rapidly growing neighborhoods, things such as school zoning and the vacant land behind your house can/will change. A good agent will help you sift through these issues.

2010 Census Data: 89521

Population: 25,716
Median Age: 36.7
Education, Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 36%
Median Income: $75,397
Average Home Sales Price 10/01/2014 – 10/01/2015: $327,638

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