This region offers three distinct areas. Near the university you’ll generally find well established and affordable neighborhoods. As you move further out the homes tend to get newer with each block. At the Northwest corner lies the planned community of Somersett which boasts some of the nicest amenities in the area. One word that comes to mind for me here is convenience. The rolling hillside topography lends itself to wide open spaces (one great thing about Nevada) yet this is truly an “in-town” location with easy access to just about everything. Also known for good schools, include the Northwest in your search for homes. Local tip: In the foothills and above the river, this area is wind prone. Backyard lovers should look for homes with the front door facing west – north.

2010 Census Data: 89523

Population: 31,373
Median Age: 36.9
Education, Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 19%
Yearly Median Income: $57,901
Average Home Sales Price 10/01/2014 – 10/01/2015: $266,718

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