Over the years, Sparks has managed to maintain much of its small-town feel. You’ll often find Victorian Ave (the main drag) closed for events such as the rib cook-off or weekly farmer’s market. I’ve met many residents that have lived in Sparks (often in the same house) for 50 or more years. Urban areas offer good walkability and access to mass transportation. These elements also make many areas of Sparks attractive to investors. Drive east to find large residential areas developed in the 60’s – 80s’, then head on to newer homes and a hospital on the hillside with nice views to the west. A great Parks and Recreation Department, water park, and small lake make this a fun place for kids in summer. Local tip: Check the school zoning for your desired property if that’s important to you. Sparks contains some of the very best as well as a few of the most challenged schools in the district.

2010 Census Data: 89434

Population: 25,416
Median Age: 40.5
Education, Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 19.5%
Yearly Median Income: $55,442
Average Home Sales Price 10/01/14 – 10/01/15: $215,605

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